Welcome to The One Blog

Start time: 05:18
Start location: My art room, Bangkok, Thailand

A funny thing happened yesterday when I was making the decision to post my first piece of my poetry online.

I found my voice again.

Since Sunday I have been dreaming of The One Blog constantly, the concept came to me a few weeks ago but I didn’t take any action on my idea until this past weekend which resulted in my first post about the logo I created.  Once I got the ball rolling and told a couple people about my plan to create on a daily basis for one hour at a time the blog is all I was thinking about.

I knew the concept of The One Blog but couldn’t explain it through writing, I just kept getting stuck.  I sat down at the computer and tried to make the words sound beautiful and perfect - part of the reason I’m here as an artist is to stand up in my creativity with the knowing that perfection is not necessary to create anything and really, it never was.  But yet, I still have this discussion with myself, it needs to be structured well and easy to understand, and what if you ramble and no one gets it?  So that, combined with my elementary knowledge of how my website hosting platform works made me clam up at the thought of how to best communicate my message.

As a marketer I understand the importance of having a short, impactful message to hook people and keep them interested, and I think I got stuck there.  Actually, I know I got stuck there.  I put the pressure on myself to make the introduction to my blog as likeable, interesting, relatable and inspiring.  But I realized when I was writing the post on Instagram that I am already interesting and likeable in the way that I communicate – Instagram, my blog, text messages – it’s all the same.  I don’t worry when I send text messages that they send the most cohesive message, actually more often than not my conversations via text take multiple swipes to read which are intermittently dotted with the responses I receive from the person that I am writing to which is okay because I love to write.

So here I am, rambling and imperfect, making a commitment to myself to write or draw or do something creative every day.

I believe that a creative life is a beautiful life.  I believe that by making time to create just today, for just one day, that this can start us on a creative journey of a lifetime.  It’s not about perfect; it’s about sitting down in this chair and saying “I am here!”  We deserve to have at least an hour to ourselves each day to bring forth that which lives only inside us, to sit down at that computer or pick up that paint brush and spill out onto the page what we didn’t even realize we had within our own head.

So, when that happens, when I get into my own head, I turn to expression without words by creating something with my hands.  Today that happened to be turning one of the lines in this post into a quote through pink calligraphy pens and paper.  And below is only my first draft because the second picture won't load and sometimes you just gotta get on with your day.  No one's first draft is good, but it is good because you started.  The point is just to start.

End Time: 06:09 +10 minutes for picture loading and website fiddling - 06:19
End Location: My art room, Bangkok, Thailand