Let's get together to make some art and talk about creativity!

The Movement of Color painting class is an invitation to create your own original abstract art, designed for beginners and anyone who would like to renew their creative spark.

This creativity session will start with an introduction to color theory where we will begin to practice mixing colors on watercolor paper using just our hands.  After just three hours of painting you can learn how to make abstract art on a budget and walk away with five pieces on watercolor paper and one piece of abstract art on canvas that you can display at your home or work to add a pop of color to your space.

My name is Samantha Marion, I am a self-taught, multi passionate artist based in Bangkok, Thailand.  I developed this painting class after creating art everyday for the last three years as part of my daily meditative practice. I am on a mission to share my love of art with those who find themselves in the Land of Smiles and to have discussions about my favorite subject, creativity!  I look forward to meeting you and making art with you soon.

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