What have you always loved and how can you bring more if it back into your life?

When I started painting three years ago it began as a response to quitting smoking, smoking cigarettes had become a crutch - a way to cope with the bad and the good in life. Feeling stressed? Have a cigarette. Celebrating something? Have a cigarette. Bored? Have a cigarette.

In leaving cigarettes behind I knew that to be successful I had to replace one activity with another. I reached out to the friends that have known me the longest, including my friend Katie who I met when I was six, and I asked each of them a series of questions about myself as an attempt to find answers and to provide some much needed guidance when I felt so directionless.

One of the questions was “What is something I have always loved?” The answers returned and over and over again I saw the same things, creating art was something they always remembered me loving. So I began again, I set out to find the kind of art that would reignite my love of creativity - I tried making jewelry, sculpting with clay, writing, re-purposing recycled materials and then I found it. Painting.

Painting felt like coming home and I have been coming home ever since. My paints are my passion and my gift to the world is what I create using my two hands and all the colors of the rainbow. If you have met me in person I probably asked you, “what is your favorite color?” and handed you a heart. It’s the way I spread love in the world and to share the abundance of gratitude I have for finding painting again.