Create with Me

"Creativity takes courage. ”  Henri Matisse

In the painting class I teach I use different tools to introduce the concept of painting using the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and how we can use those colors to create the other colors in the rainbow (orange, green and purple).

I use painted rocks as part of the class to explain these concepts and the rocks came originally from my garden, I needed something to hold down a sheet of fabric so it wouldn’t blow away and looked around for something I could use. I planned to use this fabric as a place where we could lay our final paintings so that they could dry in the sun but before the paintings were ready to dry I needed something heavy to hold the fabric down.  When I picked up the rocks I had that familiar thought I have when I pick up most objects, ‘Wouldn’t this look better with some rainbow paint on it??’

So I began painting these rocks and had a great time preparing them, I used my hands to apply the first layer of paint and the excess became extra color for the desk in my art room.  One thing I talk about in my class is that nothing in art is wasted and I practice that everyday.

Another thing I speak about a lot in my class is perfectionism and how that feeling used to stop me from creating. Even now thoughts of perfectionism come into my mind and they retuned again when I began painting the words onto the rocks.  I worried for a moment about my hands being steady enough to write the words and I wondered if I would be able to fit everything I wanted to write on such a small space.

I reminded myself gently that there are no mistakes in art and that I can always try again to achieve the results I want.  Even now after painting everyday for the last three years I need to remind myself of this when I begin something new. I try to remember that a fresh coat of paint (or a fresh perspective on any subject in our lives) can give us the new start we need to begin again, and that by giving ourselves permission to begin again we can get even closer to achieving the result that we desire. 

If heart to heart conversations and painting sounds like something you would like to get your hands into join me for my next art class by Booking the Experience.  Looking forward to meeting you and creating with you soon.