Blank Spaces

What do I need to be seen today?
I asked myself this question when I sat down after my morning exercise.

While contemplating this silently for a moment I realized quickly that, for today, what I needed was to see the words that existed only within my thoughts to exist instead on the page in front of me.  Writing allows clarity to form within my mind and making space for this activity in my life allows what I truly need to come to the forefront of my understanding.  The world can feel really loud and my thoughts can get tangled up in the thoughts of others so quickly; the moment a smart phone switches on a flood of opinions that are not your own enter the mind and can make a home there permanently, if you let it.

But within the blank spaces in our thoughts and worlds lies the possibility of coming to understand what we truly need in the moment.  The blank spaces I have chosen are the white computer screen, an empty page in a notebook and a fresh canvas, these spaces bring me back to myself each day to remember what is really important.

Blank Spaces.JPG