I find myself and create myself in every moment, in the moments I choose me and the moments that I don’t. I am navigating a gentle path that with each step I choose between who I used to be and who I want to become.

My life is my canvas, my words and my art are my paint brush. I am always creating and deepening into who I truly am, it is a journey and it will never end - this is the magic of life.


On a typical Tuesday morning you can find her awake in the early hours, enjoying the city before everyone wakes up. Whether she is in her studio, or outside listening to the birds, she makes time to follow her inspiration for one hour each day.

She paints or draws, writes in her journal,
exercises and listens to music, podcasts or audio books.

She practices calligraphy and sculpts with white or red clay.
She underlines what she wants to remember in the novels she is reading and dreams about writing her own.
She begins to outline her story after cutting old paintings into shapes of various sizes,
letting the canvases turn into something new.
She plays on her computer in search of answers she knows she already has inside,
delighted every time to realizes that out there in the world someone feels the same way that she does and they have put it into words.
They give her courage to try making her own art.

And so she does, carefully at first, and then more boldly,
for one hour each day she makes time to create.
It is a great day when she gets to put her hands into the paint.

She searches the languages of the writers,
looking for wisdom caught in the smallest of phrases.
A single quote can summarize the entire lesson she is trying to grasp.
She loves quotes.

So on that typical Tuesday morning, depending on how early you are awake, you may catch her creating something or cultivating one of her greatest passions, connection through conversation.  She loves to encourage others to explore, whatever that means to them. She tells them that they each will be given opportunities, moments, where they will be given the choice to say yes to their life. She knows, and wants them to know, that there is no time like the present to take a chance on yourself. Originally from Philadelphia, Samantha was educated at the School of Tourism & Hospitality Management at Temple University and is employed with Minor Hotels where she has stretched her multi passionate self over the last seven years.  She can be found creating, living and loving in Bangkok, Thailand with her husband, cat and dog.

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